Software Product Development

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We have extensive experience in Software product development. We have launched many successful products for our clients as well as in-house products. A good online business idea needs an IT partner who has a detailed understanding of the product concept and positioning. This is very much required to have an effective design of the product. We have an expert team to conceptualize the product from the scratch to the fullest and divide into phases with respect to marketing and costing etc.

Software product Development process:
a) Software Conceptualization: Blending the innovative idea with the available products in the market to validate the conceptualization and uniqueness. And also the type of applications are decided like Web app or Mobile app and platforms etc.

b) Software technology plan: Suitable technology and architecture is planned to develop the product
c) Software product design: This includes the efficient best user experience and functionality as per the type of market that the product is targeted. Our design will also consider that the accessibility of the product from different platforms like web, Smartphones, Tabs etc.
d) Software development: The ideas take the form of user flows and functionalities and is developed according to the platform using different technologies. We use rapid development platforms also to expedite the development process.
e) Testing and quality assurance: We use both manual and automated tool based testing to ensure the best bug-free product which can make the product more robust and reduce the support cost.
f) Software maintenance and support: However we have developed very robust, bug-free product, our support is available to manage the scalability or change requests based on the market conditions and Business plans of the client.
g) Software enhancements: We do efficient seamless upgrades and enhancements that can be added to the existing product when it is already live.