Cloud Computing (AWS)

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Cloud is not the future, it’s already here. More businesses are finding that the sooner they adopt cloud technology, the better positioned they’ll be to compete in an increasingly aggressive and briskly-paced marketplace. Cloud has made the playing ground even, as it provides unlimited compute, storage and analytics capability to companies of all shapes and sizes which was till recent past only were only leverage by larger companies with high IT budget. Leveraging cloud computing, an organization can better utilize there IT budget, have better control on their IT spending and can have more focus on their business instead of IT. It also gives the organization the flexibility, agility, and scalability to scale up and down their IT resources as and when they need.

This will result reduced in rack space, power usage, IT requirements, etc. That means the lower installation, maintenance, hardware, upgrade and support costs.

For small businesses, especially, those savings are invaluable. Companies must consider the following aspects to realize the benefits of the cloud computing option in the business.

• Capex vs Opex
• Ability to turn on and turn off and pay for what you use
• Optimization of ongoing operating systems and deployment services
• Availability, flexibility, and security

With benefits like this, Aws is sweeping the whole world for setting new standards of doing business and planning for infrastructure. As the cloud is highly scalable, cost-effective and very agile, only in the USA we can see more than 80% of small businesses moving to cloud by 2020. Also, According to “India Cloud Computing Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2020”, the market for cloud computing services in India is projected to grow at a CAGR of over 22% during 2015-2020 to $4 billion USD as the world’s fastest-growing economy is getting more and more digitized.

For startups, AWS makes it very straightforward and less cumbersome for their IT planning and also for larger businesses moving to Aws can mean a lot of savings and agility and can help them to adapt into the technology in a rapid manner.

Benefits of AWS:
AWS market is expected to reach $236B by 2020. According to Gartner, Amazon’s cloud is 10 times bigger than its next 14 competitors, combined.

Some of the benefits that AWS gives your over your traditional on-premises setup are,

• Cost-Effective – Consumes only the required amount of computing, storage, and other IT resources . No long-term commitment. No up-front investment is required or very minimum investment required.
• Cost Savings for Non-Production Environments – You can shut down your non-production environments when you are not using them and save costs. For example, if you are using a development environment for only 40 hours a week (8 hours a day, 5 days a week), you can shut down the environment when it’s not in use. You pay only for 40 hours of Amazon EC2 compute charges instead of 168 hours (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) for an on-premises environment running all the time; this can result in a saving of 75% for compute charges.
• Have Moore’s Law Work for You Instead of Against You – In an on-premises environment, you end up owning hardware that is depreciating in value every year. You are locked into the price and capacity of the hardware once it is acquired, plus you have ongoing hardware support costs. With AWS, you can switch your underlying instances to the faster, more powerful next-generation AWS instance types as they become available.
• Replace CapEx with OpEx – You can start an implementation or project on AWS without any upfront cost or commitment for compute, storage, or network infrastructure.
• Unlimited Environments – In an on-premises environment, you usually have a limited set of environments to work with; provisioning additional environments takes a long time or might not be possible at all. You do not face these restrictions when using AWS; you can create virtually any number of new environments in minutes as required.
• Low-Cost Disaster Recovery – You can build extremely low-cost standby disaster recovery environments for your existing deployments and incur costs only for the duration of the outage.
• Elastic and Scalable – Quickly add and subtract resources to applications to meet customer demand and manage costs. Avoid provisioning resources up-front for projects with variable consumption rates or short lifetimes.
• No End of Life for Hardware or Platform – All hardware platforms have end-of-life dates, at which point the hardware is no longer supported and you are forced to buy new hardware again. In the AWS Cloud, you can simply upgrade the platform instances to new AWS instance types in a single click at no cost for the upgrade.
Flexible – Use familiar architectures, databases, operating systems and programming languages. Improve overall productivity and time to market without the need for IT to learn new skills.
• Security – AWS builds and delivers its services in accordance with the industry’s highest and strict security best practices. AWS conducts regular and thorough audits to demonstrate the security of its infrastructure.

Today every company is under pressure to innovate faster than ever, drive down costs, and deliver increased value to their organizations through more responsive and flexible IT. Aws is increasingly becoming a starting point with our clients for their IT solutions; turning to it first in order to accelerate innovation, enter new markets, and ultimately achieve improved business results.

We in Techelita have successfully completed many cloud transformation projects and have an expert team of AWS certified professional with rich experienced in cloud-native application development, Aws environment optimization and automation, application migration, and transformation, data migration on AWS and security. We can provide end to end cloud services in AWS to any size of business from Consulting to Infrastructure design and implementation.

Our core cloud services on AWS include:

• Cloud strategy
o Cloud assessment
o Cloud Discovery
o Cloud Roadmap
• Cloud Transformation and migration
o Infrastructure Transformation
o Application Transformation
• Cloud native application development
o Application development
o Application modernization
• Cloud operations
o Business process operations
o Cloud optimization
o Security operation

What uniquely position us is our ability to help our clients navigate through both cloud opportunity and challenges. In Techelita we offer unmatched end to end cloud services which are next to none.